Las Vegas Tenant Placement

Finding Las Vegas Tenants

Here are some good tips on getting tenants for your property.

1. Make sure the place clean. All it takes is one rebel cock roach to die in the middle of the kitchen floor to kill off a prospective tenant. A thorough cleaning of your property costs as little as $200 and will move your property 3 weeks faster. The investment is worth it.

2. Don’t wait until the rehab is complete before marketing the property. Some people make decisions on where they want to live base solely on the school district. If your home is the only one vacant when they need a home, you win by default. There is no penalty to marketing your property ASAP.

3. Take lots of photos & video. You don’t want to waste everyone’s time if they have an objection that is easily discovered in a photo. The more the better. Youtube and Photobucket are free. There is no penalty to having too much to show.

4. Put a lock box on the property. If you can network with other people and/or agents, you increase your chances of showing the property. If someone can’t see the property, they will just move on.

5. Price the property just below market. After you do the math, you will discover you will make more money by chopping off $50 and having a tenant move in a month earlier.

6. Don’t sign an “exclusive listing” with any agent. If you find a tenant, you will have to pay them anyway. Make sure your agent knows that you will network with anyone and their grandmother to get a tenant. There are plenty out there that are “non-exclusive.”

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